5 Ways To Recruit Millennial Talent Using Instagram

February 5, 2019
By Parqa Marketing

Sometimes, reaching the highest level of millennial talent can be difficult for recruiters. The good news is that social media has made things a little bit easier. Nearly 88% of people aged 18 to 29 indicated using any form of social media, according to Pew Research Center Study conducted in early 2018. 

Businesses aren’t using Instagram as an active recruitment tool, that’s what LinkedIn is for. Companies rely on Instagram as a platform to showcase their brand. Recruiters can utilize Instagram in several ways to broadcast their brand to their target audiences, especially younger generations, like millennials.  

Here are five ways you can give your brand the boost it needs to reach top millennial talent using Instagram.  

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Customize Your Business Profile 

If you’re not familiar with Instagram, one of the first things you’ll want to do is create a business profile. This profile is very important as it’s what people will see when they stumble across your business.  

Your profile should be welcoming and professional. If someone comes across your profile, they should be able to figure out who you are, where you’re located, contact information, and what you specialize in. Keep in mind, you’re trying to reach millennials, so your profile should be very engaging.  

Focus on Your Culture 

Culture is one of the biggest factors when making a career decision amongst millennials. Make it a priority to capture photographs of things happening around the office, events, candid pictures, birthdays, etc. Anything that makes your business unique, post it.  

If a millennial seeking a career stumbles upon your profile, make sure your posts honestly reflect the work culture you have created. 

Inspire Others 

Instagram has become a great tool to show inspiration. Incorporating inspiration into your Instagram activities can help people associate stories with your brand. A great way you can do this is by curating inspirational stories your audience will read.  

Use storytelling to attract millennial talent to your business by using quotes, telling gratifying stories of employees, and volunteer experiences. 

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Be Active as Much as You Can 

Like LinkedIn, you should be as active as you can on Instagram. You want people to know you’re staying active. You can achieve this by: 

  1. Commenting or liking other posts; creating conversations and relationships, which help to boost your brand 
  2. Post Instagram stories  
  3. Streaming Instagram live videos 

Enhance Your Recruiting Efforts to Other Social Platforms  

Since there are other social platforms that are just as engagement-heavy as Instagram, consider combining your Instagram efforts with other platforms. 

Posting appealing content on other platforms helps lead to potential candidates interested in your brand seeking you out on other social media, such as LinkedIn, or heading to your website to get in contact.  

To remain competitive in the recruiting industry, you must continuously be looking at new tools and methods to attract top talent. Now, more than ever, you need millennial talent on your team, especially in this digital age. Adding Instagram to your marketing portfolio is a great start in doing so. 

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