5 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Social Media Strategy

January 30, 2019
By Parqa Marketing

Social media, once viewed as a passing fad, is now a must-have marketing tool for businesses. It’s no longer a question of whether your business needs social media, but is your company using social media to its fullest potential? The days of setting up social profiles and publishing some random content, expecting to get results, are gone.

Social media is now an integrated part of a business’s overall marketing strategy. So many businesses are missing key opportunities to see results from social media marketing because they don’t have a strategy in place. Just as your business has financial goals and plans to achieve them, your social media presence should be treated the same way.

Showing up isn’t enough anymore. If you truly want to see results, build your brand, develop relationships, strengthen your fan base, and increase word-of-mouth advocacy, it’s time to put a social media strategy in place. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why.

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Brand Authenticity

Social media gives your brand the opportunity to authentically talk to your target audience. You’re able to show them who you are as a company beyond the products you sell or the services you provide. It also provides a way to tell your story and values.

Although the about section on your website is very important and tells about your overall journey, it might not be the consumers’ first choice for reading. Through organic posts you can showcase your culture and mission, giving your consumers a genuine look into what makes up your organization.

Brand Awareness & Recognition

By applying a social media strategy, you can significantly increase your brand awareness and recognition. We all know that our consumers at any point are in different parts of the buyers’ journey. Social media is one tool that can elevate each stage in the buyers’ journey.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is a way for your brand to build relationships, strengthen brand loyalty and increase brand advocacy. The goal is to be engaging, attractive, fun and thought-provoking to your audience so that your business is always top of mind.

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SEO + Social Media – Yes it really helps

Just like your website, it’s important to optimize your social profiles for SEO. Make sure you incorporate all the keywords that you want to be found for, just like you would for different pages on your website. SEO not only helps people find you but also provides you with valuable information on what people are searching for.

Reach Your Marketing Goals

A custom social media strategy compliments almost any marketing goals that your company is pursuing. From branding to thought leadership to generating leads and increasing revenue, it is one of the most versatile and cost-effective methods a business can use to reach their target audience and accomplish goals.

Being active on social media is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s required. By using social media correctly to tell your story, your company can showcase what makes your brand unique.

Once you create a social media strategy you will be able to tailor your content based on your immediate results. The more time you spend on your social media platforms the more you will experience the benefits. Are you ready to drive business success with proven digital marketing tactics? Learn how Parqa can build your social media presence.

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