Growing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn for Recruiters

Parqa’s Founder, Tony Sorensen shares exactly how he and Versique Search & Consulting went from 0 to 20,000+ followers on LinkedIn, and how you can too. This is a can’t-miss webinar for staffing firm owners and recruiters, both new and experienced!

In the webinar, we discuss:

  • How employer branding impacts your ability to attract top talent
  • A simple trick to make your bio jump off the page
  • How to position your firm and build your brand’s story

We discuss the next steps from sourcing clients, putting your skill sets to the top of the list, telling your story, and identifying your value added directly on your LinkedIn profile. Candidates are monitoring countless positions and reviewing multiple recruiters, this webinar is designed to make your bio and your industry expertise jump off the page.

Download the webinar today!