Built for the Future: Leveraging Technology and Automation for Growth

Building Awareness. Increasing Engagement. Leveraging Automation.

About the Digital Marketing Webinar

Marketing Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of staffing and recruiting. Five years ago, if you had an updated website, you were ahead of the game. Today, it is expected that your website is an extension of your sales team. Early adaptors to marketing automation are already on their way to positioning themselves ahead of the pack.

New advances are changing the way staffing and recruiting teams connect with potential clients and candidates as well as a host of new tools to run your digital marketing strategy. Are you reaching clients where they spend their time online? Can they find you when they need a position filled? Do automated emails send out to your newly active candidates? 

The team at Parqa are experts in building and maintaining comprehensive digital marketing programs and automation designed specifically for your niche and your firm’s unique needs.