Content Strategist

Nate Barber brings a unique perspective and variety of talents to Parqa Marketing. His primary focus as a copywriter is to help bring clarity and personality to the subjects that matter most to us and our clients. As a research and content wonk, he loves to go deep on the everyday issues we see in the staffing and recruiting industries and to share new ways to make our work better and more fun. Nate brings several year’s experience of in-house and agency marketing for B2C & B2B clients from a wide range of industries and specialties. He is always branching out into new interests – whether that’s writing short stories, photography, making music videos with his daughter or trying his hand at podcasting. He’s a big fan of Minnesota’s autumn, winter, and grey weather.

Get to know Nate

Any hidden talents or hobbies? I love photography. I take many pictures. Also, unfortunately, it turns out I am good at electrical work and amateur carpentry.

What do you like to do for fun? Family hangs. Remodel and tinker in my home. I’m currently working on building out the shop in my basement. I’m a terrible bicyclist, but I love bicycling.

If you could have dinner with three people (present or past), who would they be? Kurt Vonnegut, Jessica Walter, Tiny Tim.

Who is your favorite:

  • Athlete: Greg Lemond
  • Musician: Right now – Natalie Laura Mering (though this changes from week to week)
  • Movie Star: Cate Blanchett (also changes frequently depending on what I’m watching)


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