In her role as a Graphic Designer at Parqa, Anna builds clients’ online presence to attract, engage, and inform their ideal audience. Curating engaging content and showcasing our clients’ internal culture to position them as thought leaders in their industry.

Anna received her Bachelor’s degree from Bethel University, applying her skills immediately for multiple Twin Cities nonprofits through impactful social media and marketing initiatives. After her tenure with three different nonprofits, she joined the Parqa team to continue honing her skills and building effective social media marketing programs for our clients.

Get to know Anna

What do you like to do on the weekends? I’m not originally from Minnesota, so I love spending my weekends exploring more of the state and finding great restaurants and shopping as well as hiking with my friends, family, and my dog.

What is your favorite food? Definitely Italian food. I’m a big Punch Pizza fan, and I’m known by name at my local Punch location whether that’s a good or bad thing

If you weren’t working at Parqa, what would you be doing? If I weren’t at Parqa I would be working in the Twin Cities nonprofit sector focusing on family services, homelessness, or refugees.

Do you have any hidden talents? I was part of a movie called One Heart based on a true story of my high school football team. The team hosted a group of guys from a juvenile detention center for a football game and dinner to hear their stories and encourage them for their future. Unfortunately, the producers hit a snag and are still waiting to release the movie.


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