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Redesigning Your Website? Why You Need to Work with an SEO Firm

Why Do I Need an SEO Firm? When redesigning your website, it is vital to take SEO into consideration. If your website isn’t easy for Google to crawl, doesn’t provide a simple UX, and portray trust to your customers, no amount of keyword optimization or SEO magic is going to help you improve search engine rankings, grow your online presence or increase online leads/ revenue. To ensure your new site will resonate with your targeted audience — and to save yourself from costly headaches down the road — SEO needs to be integrated into your website redesign strategy from the
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Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Optimization: What’s the Difference?

All mobile–optimized websites are mobile–friendly, but not all mobile–friendly websites are mobile–optimized. The reality is: We have all been inundated with reasons and stats about why a mobile website is so important for the continued success of businesses. However, with all that information comes a lot of mobile-related terminology. But what does all that terminology mean and how does it impact your website? Terms such as mobile-ready, mobile-responsive, mobile-friendly, mobile-first, mobile-optimized, and more! Let’s take a look at each term one at a time. Related Post: Understanding Your Company’s Digital Needs: Is It UX or Digital Marketing? ➢ Mobile-Friendly vs.
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