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3 Ways Marketing Automation Will Help Your Staffing Firm

Marketing is tough. It takes time, energy, and most of all, resources. With only 24 hours in a day, there’s only so much one can do within that time. It’s time to put technology to work and save time, reach new goals, and become more efficient at being in front of and top of mind for candidates and clients alike.  Related Post: I Need to “Do” Digital Marketing – But What Does That Mean? ➢ 1. Recruiter Efficiency  While recruiters are working day and night to find the right candidate, it’s extremely difficult to stay on top of and check-in with current consultants that are in
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Marketing Automation 101: The Basics of Building a Marketing Machine

“The core problem we’re going to have going forward is that you have two forces [that will] govern much of what [happens] in the future. The first is globalization, which we’re not going to repeal, and the second one is automation, which we’re not going to repeal.” – Eric Schmidt, Former Executive Chairman of Google, Inc With the marketing world moving more and more towards automation, it’s natural to take a step back and wonder: what is automation, exactly? Automation has been around since the printing press, the loom, and even the wheel. Throughout history, humans have found ways to
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