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EmInfo webinar march 2020

Building Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn: The Top Staffing & Recruiting Questions Answered

About the Webinar

Back by popular demand, Parqa Founder and CEO Tony Sorensen will address the most frequently asked questions from staffing owners, managers and recruiters about building your brand on LinkedIn. Late last year, Tony gave a very similar presentation for the American Staffing Association, where more than 500 attended and a 94% satisfaction rate was received. Tony will address best practices in the following 3 areas:

  1. Credibility on LinkedIn: What can you do to stand out?
  2. Visibility: When you post great content, how do you ensure the most people possible see it?
  3. Metrics: How should companies, recruiters and managers track success on LinkedIn?

As part of this webinar, you will also receive two free downloadable guides to leveraging some of LinkedIn’s newest platform updates: Featured Content and LinkedIn Events. This is one event you don’t want to miss!

In Partnership With


Tony Sorensen


Tony Sorensen is the founding visionary of Parqa. As a 20-year veteran and thought leader in the consulting and executive search industries, Tony is responsible for all aspects of the business. He is passionate about building winning teams, growing staffing and recruiting companies through digital marketing, strategic partnership development, and philanthropy.

Tony is an industry expert on a national level. As an authority in staffing and recruiting, Tony loves to travel the country speaking at conferences such as NAPS National Conference, ASA (American Staffing Association), NYSA (New York Staffing Association), TechServe Alliance, and more.


How to Make Your Brand More Attractive to New Leads

At Parqa, we believe there are three integral pillars that hold up successful digital marketing campaigns: brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation—and there’s a good reason we start that list with brand credibility. First and foremost, the credibility of your brand is what encourages, or discourages, leads to pick up the phone and call you. And, in today’s digital world, the very first assessment of your brand most often happens in one place: your website. 

While there is much more that contributes and enhances your overall brand credibility, below we’ll take a closer look at how impactful a good website can be and insights into how you can make sure yours is a step ahead of the competition. 

Your Website and Brand Credibility

So much of a consumer’s buying decision takes place before they ever email you, call you, or come into your office. When someone receives a message from you or comes into contact with something about your firm, typically the very first thing they do is immediately go to your website. The presence your business has online is vital to the credibility of your brand and the likelihood of a potential client becoming a client. 

We like to use the analogy of the CEO of a $100 million dollar company that wants to meet with you and assess if your firm is the right one to do business with. Would you invite them to your house, greet them in sweatpants, and then profess your expertise? No, you wouldn’t. But you would invite them to your new, freshly designed office space and greet them in a suit and tie. 

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Your website and other online mediums function in the same exact way. Does your website sport a clean, professional design, navigate smoothly, and provide relevant, insight information? Is it a reputable extension of the professional mastery your firm has earned over the years? Or is it clunky, out-of-date, slow, and devoid of any content that positions you as a thought leader within your niche?

To dress up your website as the salesman it should be, always ask yourself these questions:

  • Does our website tell the story of our credibility, expertise, and differentiators?
  • As soon as a client (or candidate) sees our website, could they easily identify what we do best?
  • Is our website intuitive and easy to use, or is it making potential leads jump through unnecessary hoops to contact us?

Your website doesn’t sleep, doesn’t call in sick, and can engage with thousands of prospects at a time. If your website isn’t reaching its potential, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to build and reinforce the credibility of your brand. 

For a more exhaustive break-down on how your brand credibility can attract new leads, including the value of social media and online visibility, here’s our latest webinar on the topic.

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Users are Impatient; Slow Sites Scare Leads Away

When we partner with staffing and recruiting firms to design, develop, and deploy websites, a question that we are commonly asked is “what’s the most important element of building a website?” Is it the content, the technical SEO, a sleek design, or a strong site architecture? While it may sound like a cop-out, the answer is they’re all equally important. 

We recently hosted a webinar that educates staffing and recruiting firm owners on the process of diagnosing when they need to invest in updating their website. In this blog, we’ll highlight a portion of the process by discussing the importance that website performance has on lead generation.

What is Website Performance?

To put it simply, website performance is measured by the speed in which your website loads. Pages, images, videos, other file formats, each element of your website has to load upon each visit. 

There are a variety of factors that dictate how fast or slow a website loads. Some of the primary culprits to a slow website include:

  • Server infrastructure
  • Bulky back-end coding
  • Oversized image and media files
  • Faulty scripts
  • Excessive HTTP requests
  • Caching
  • Poor hosting provider

Why is Website Performance Important?

There is little room for patience in today’s fast-paced, on-demand world. If the pages on your website load slowly, the visitors to your site, who represent your prospective customers, will quickly lose patience and navigate to the website of one of your competitors. Nothing will scare off a visitor from your website faster than a poor user experience, and the first evaluation in a user’s experience is load time. 

Most visitors will only spend 15 seconds on a website before leaving. If they waste 3-5 seconds in that precious allotment waiting for pages to load, you’re greatly reducing the amount of time they’ll spend sizing up the look and feel of your site, discovering how engaging your content is, and determining whether your firm has the credibility to solve their pressing hiring challenges.

How to Fix Your Slow Site?

Are you tainting the user experience of your website visitors with a slow website performance? There’s some good news, you can improve your website performance by optimizing your site

There are a vast number of SEO tactics that we deploy when working on improving the site speed of our client’s websites. By conducting an in-depth technical audit of your site, we’re able to identify the precise causes for your slow site and recommend precise SEO strategies to speed up the performance.

Get in touch with our team of SEO experts today to learn more about how we diagnose performance problems. 

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Visual Content Can Boost Your Lead Generation Conversions – But How?

Have you heard the phrase; “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Well, that’s no joke in the digital marketing world. With 65% of the population consisting of visual learners, visual content plays a significant role in reaching and closing leads. 

The future of lead generation is visual content, and marketers need to realize the importance of integrating visuals into their content marketing strategy.  

Read further to learn more about the three components to help boost your lead generation conversions using visual content 

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Attract Potential Prospects to Your Business  

Visual content can help potential clients find your business. An effective way to accomplish this is to utilize your social media. Whether you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Snap Chat, inserting visual pieces of content will drive more people to your site. 80% of marketers implement visual assets into their social media marketing strategy.  

Infographics are another great way to both grab your audience’s attention and inform them about your company. These visuals spark curiosity and increase the desire to read your content. Remember to keep things as simple as possible, because people shouldn’t have to think too hard when reading your infographic.  

Charts, GIFS, Images… or anything relevant to your business can help expose your brand to potential prospects 

Generate Long-Term Leads 

To generate solid leads, you must be continuously educating and explaining specific information catered to your target audience. You want to become a thought leader in your industry. Doing so, will build more trust between you and your leads, ultimately converting them into customers.  

To accomplish this, use visual content like eBooks, webinars, blog images, white papers, social visuals, and videos. The best way to get people to convert is through content, specifically visual content. To attract leads and get them to convert, incorporate incentives into your visuals.  

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Close the Deal 

Visuals used to close a sales deal should be informative and help solve a problemYou want to establish yourself as a thought leader who is consistently adding value to your customers. To continue to nurture your customers, from a visual perspective, you must inform them of next steps. To do this, consider using videos or images to provide value and solutions. 

Marketers need to acknowledge the fact that humans are visual creatures whose brains are designed to process visuals, not text. Targeting the right people, with the proper visual content can generate more conversions for your business.  


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Content Marketing: Your 3-Step Recipe for Lead Generation

There’s no way around it. Everywhere you look there are either marketers trying to sell you lead generation strategies or entrepreneurs trying to create them. So why all the fuss? Isn’t there a clear path that leads to more customers and clients? After five years of growing my company, Versique, from the ground to a thriving $17 million leader in executive search & consulting, I believe there is.

So, let me ask you, what is the one thing that every successful lead generation strategy has in common?

A robust content marketing strategy.

That’s because 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with you. You literally can’t have one without the other; no matter how good your ads are, how high your marketing budget, or how many cold calls you’re making each month – if you’re not distributing the right content in a valuable, relevant, and consistent way, you simply won’t drive the potential customer or client to action.

So, whether you want to call it lead generation or content marketing, we’re talking about the same thing.

Let’s dive in and look at the three requirements of a strategic content marketing strategy and how to successfully execute them in your business.

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1. Creating and Distributing Valuable Content

The digital space is getting noisier and more crowded each day. With the average consumer seeing over 4,000 ads between the time they wake up in the morning until the time they go to bed – it’s increasingly important to add value with each piece of content you produce.

Yet with all our responsibilities, to-do lists, and business pressures it can be tough to strategically plan to create valuable content, let alone to distribute it effectively. Use the following list as a guide to remind you of ways you can execute on this without taking too much time planning strategy. In our final point, we’ll cover the optimal frequency of each.

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Infographics
  • Vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • Website Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Email Campaigns

2. Creating and Distributing Relevant Content

Creating relevant content goes beyond value to adding more in-depth and specialized information in a systematic way. Here’s the best way to understand the difference:

  • Valuable content is worth the reader’s time.
  • Relevant content helps the reader accomplish or learn something they need to know.

These pieces of content take more time and strategic thought to produce but are more targeted and useful for your market. Use the following list as a guide to remind you of ways you can execute writing relevant content without taking too much time planning strategy. In our next point, we’ll cover the optimal frequency of each.

  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletters
  • TV & Radio Spots

3. Consistently Producing Content

Consistency is the key to success in both life and business. Without taking a consistent approach to content marketing your lead generation will be feast or famine – great during the months you’re producing and terrible during the months you’re not.

Use the following list to help you plan out your strategy:

What to Post Daily –

Social Media Posts: Social media posts are a great way to humanize your personal or business brand, stay in touch with your customers, and stay relevant to your target market. Depending on the platform, your posting schedule could include one to several posts each day.

What to Post Weekly –

Blogs: A weekly blog is helpful to not only get both valuable and relevant content to your target market, but also for SEO and ranking purposes as well.

Vlogs: Videos are exploding reach on every digital platform out there today. By publishing a weekly Vlog or professionally done video, you increase reach, engagement and further humanize your brand while setting yourself apart as a thought leader in your niche.

Podcasts: Podcasts are another trending avenue to show yourself as a thought leader and expand your reach within your target market.

Email Campaigns: Depending on the campaign, you may have daily, weekly, and monthly emails going out to your list.

What to Post Monthly –

Infographics: Producing a helpful infographic each month and distributing it to your networks is a powerful way to stay relevant and current.

Website Landing Pages: By creating a new lead magnet and subsequently a new landing page each month you’re able to exponentially increase your email list while simultaneously reminding your target market that you are innovative and current within your niche.

Case Studies: Publishing new case studies and customer testimonials should be considered a staple in your marketing strategy. Potential customers want to see that what you’re doing works and from others, why they should work with you.

Newsletters: Although print newsletters lack relevancy, a stunning and dynamic digital newsletter is a great way to stay in contact with your target each month.

TV & Radio Spots: It really can’t be helped. We are programmed to look up to people featured on Radio and TV as experts and specialists in their field. Maintaining a regular media appearance still provides brand value.

What to Post Quarterly –

Press Releases: Press releases around current or trending events within your company or niche is a great way to gain credibility as well as add valuable content to your marketing strategy.

eBooks: The popularity of eBooks continues to rise. By releasing a new eBook each quarter you can stay ahead of your competition and current with your market.

White Papers: Academic publishing can help you be a leader within your field, and there’s no better way to do that than a quarterly white paper.

Webinars: Unfortunately, webinars are too often used as strictly a sales tool – with the only purpose to get people to buy NOW. However, that is not the best use of this type of content. Adding as much value as possible for 30+ minutes will allow your listeners to lower their guard and be more receptive to hearing a pitch either at the end or with follow up email campaigns.

In the end, the result of a strategic content marketing campaign done well, is a pipeline full of profitable customer action, aka Lead Generation.
If you need help growing your recruiting firm and want to know how I grew mine to $17 million in revenue and 120 employees in five years, we should talk.
To learn more about how content marketing and when to use gated content to grow your business, check out our recent webinar recording.

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