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Why You Should Have a Downloadable eBook on Your Staffing Firm Website

As a leader of a staffing or recruiting firm, if you’re like most of our clients, one of your top priorities is attracting new clients. If you think about the 1-1 (outbound) aspect of bringing in new clients, you don’t assume the people you talk to will become a client after just one touch point, do you? Sure, it could happen, but we’ve all read articles about how it takes an average of 10+ touch points prior to converting a new client. Industries and business models vary, but you know it takes time!   So why would you treat your online presence any different? Most staffing firm websites we review only have one option for potential clients to convert. The Contact Us form. They
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Why Our Agency Loves Partnering with Internal Marketers

Does this situation sound familiar? The owner of your company comes to you and says he is talking to a digital marketing agency. As an internal marketer, your gut reaction is probably one of the following:   Oh no! They’re probably going to fire me!   Aren’t I doing my job well enough?  Why would they need a digital agency when they have me?   Related Post: Why Recruiting Firms Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency that Specializes in the Recruiting Industry ➢ Wide-Ranging Industry Expertise  No one is an expert at everything. It’s impossible. If you’re the sole marketer or have a limited marketing team there is no way you’re an expert in design, paid advertising, writing
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How to Cover All Your Sales Communication Bases

As a digital marketer, 99% of my thoughts and recommendations usually focus on digital platforms. That said, it is essential to think through who your audience is and how they prefer receiving communication.   As recruiters, you’re an expert on outbound sales communication. What can you do to get in front of HR professionals that now spend 80% of their day online or your C-Suite network that spends 70% of their day away from their desk in meetings?  A while back, Parqa sponsored two different conferences. I went through this exercise first hand and wanted to share with you the importance of putting together an overall sales and marketing plan that encompasses both online and
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