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5 Benefits to Using AI in the Recruiting Industry

One of the biggest ongoing challenges a recruiter faces is seeking out qualified talent day after day. Luckily, with the rise in technology, attracting top talent just got even easier. How? The answer is artificial intelligence. AI is rapidly becoming more commonly used by recruiting firms, as it makes their job more efficient and less stressful.   So, what are the benefits of using AI in the Recruiting Industry? Continue reading to find out.     Time Saver  Time management is crucial in the life of a recruiter. The last thing a recruiter needs is to spend extra time on tedious tasks such as scheduling interviews, screening applicants, and ensuring the needs of
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Indeed Updates 2019: What Recruiting Firms Need to Know

Do You Use Indeed? As a recruiting firm leader, you likely use job boards to attract additional candidates for your searches. For example, Indeed has historically offered three ways to post jobs – job scraping, budget-based job slots, and one-off job sponsorships. Job Scraping – By connecting your recruiting website to Indeed, the platform can automatically and organically scrape your jobs for free. This results in ALL your jobs getting pushed to Indeed. Up to this point, this is the typical method recruiting firms to use to get their jobs on Indeed. Budget-Based Job Slots – When you have a
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