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A case study for Cargill’s poultry feed brand Nutrena

Cargill-owned Nutrena is an industry leader in animal nutrition research and science offering high-quality animal feeds and supplements. In an effort to increase site traffic to Nutrena’s website, Cargill engaged with Parqa for a strategic approach using paid digital marketing tactics to increase awareness and visibility of new organic poultry feed product in the marketplace, while also differentiating their product from competitors.

Results at a Glance

Brand Impressions
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Our challenge was to help Cargill increase site traffic to their Nutrena website. Increase awareness and visibility on their new organic poultry feed product in the marketplace. All while differentiating their product from competitors.

Leveraging keyword research and geo-targeting, we launched both pay-per-click and Facebook advertising campaigns, specifically targeting locations where the new product was being launched.

This one-month sprint campaign was designed to increase engagement and establish credibility as a leading provider of USDA certified poultry feeds.


Both the PPC and Facebook digital campaigns exceeded client expectations, generating over 300,000 combined views and over 6,000 ad clicks. Nearly 1000 users successfully completed the campaign goal of finding out where to buy the new poultry feed product locally.

New Facebook Likes


Facebook Advertising

With geo-targeting, the Facebook campaign created a highly qualified and targeted audience of 150,000 users. In addition, Facebook generated user engagement through commenting, likes and shares.

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