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Ashley works as Parqa’s Account Manager to maintain relationships, deliver results, and make strategic decisions to help businesses grow in Digital Marketing. She effectively leads delivery teams to execute projects.

Ashley graduated from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a Marketing degree, with an emphasis in Analytics. She has experience in client management, media buying, and strategic B2B communication. Prior to Parqa, she worked at a large ad agency and at Buffalo Wild Wings for the Learning & Development team in the Operations department. Outside Parqa, Ashley is the Chair of the MN-ND Chapter RivALZ for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Favorite food? It’s a toss-up between breakfast with a Bloody Mary, or an obscenely large plate of Mexican food, with of course a lot of Guac

What do you like to do for fun? Anything athletic – I play tennis, flag football & volleyball year-round. I also volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association, putting on events, running fundraisers & advocating at both the State & National level.

Favorite TV show? Reality TV! Bachelorette, Big Brother, Survivor…and no, I’m not ashamed!

Account Manager


Posts by Ashley

How to Target Your Buyer Persona

How to Target Your Buyer Persona

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Buyer Persona: What It Is & Why You Need One

Buyer Persona: What It Is & Why You Need One

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Inbound Marketing: A Beginner's Guide For Recruiting Firms

Inbound Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide For Recruiting Firms

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Blog Images

How to Create the Right Blog Image

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5 Simple Ways To Repurpose Your Best Marketing Content

Back in the mid-1990s, we were on the cusp of the “.COM” bubble, the turn of the millennium, and blogging ...
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How to get red of an inaccurate google review

Google Reviews: How to Get Rid of an Inaccurate Google Review?

So, you’ve been given a bad Google review. Most companies have, and sometimes it’s something you simply can’t avoid. But ...
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