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Meet Travis Webb, PARQA’s New Vice President of Sales

Staffing agencies like yours are working harder than ever. You’re trying to grow your firm and increase profits in an increasingly challenging and unpredictable market— all while trying to attract new clients and talent. Needless to say, you’ve got your hands full.  

For such a niche market and clients with specific needs, it takes a unique perspective and just the right balance of expertise in staffing and performance marketing to know what can benefit your agency the most.  

We found just the guy: Meet Travis Webb, PARQA’s new Vice President of Sales. 

We sat down with Travis for a Q and A about his background, what he loves most about the staffing industry and some things you might not find on his LinkedIn profile. Read on to get to know Travis and how his presence at PARQA will mean big things for your digital transformation.  

Q. Tell us about your professional background. 

A. I have a degree in drafting and design technology. I went to work for a consulting engineering firm and quickly found out that I couldn’t sit behind a computer all day.

I’ve been in sales for over 20 years. I spent over 15 of those in some of the largest staffing agencies in the industry, steadily building a consistent track record of growth. Recently, I helped a growth-stage prop-tech startup enter a new market.  

I was able to grow from three partners to over 120 in less than two years. 

Q. What brought you to PARQA?

A. For about three years, I was on the board of the Jacksonville Information Technology Council, which is part of the Chamber of Commerce. I was representing them at a tech conference and doing some networking when I ran into my friend Tom Roush who I worked with at Modis. While we were catching up, Tom said, “I have somebody you should probably talk to.”

Tom told me about this guy named Jared with a company called PARQA up in Minnesota. It’s a small world, and PARQA kept coming up. It seems like everybody knows about PARQA somehow.  

I’ve had my eye on PARQA ever since because we work with some of the biggest firms in the industry. You see a company like this, and you just know the potential to grow their clients will be huge. Next thing you know, I was on a plane to meet with Jared and Julie 

And here I am. I’m so excited about the opportunity to help our client’s digital transformation in a way that will have ripple effects throughout the industry.

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Q. What are some things about you that we won’t see on your LinkedIn page?

A. I’m a simple person by nature—I don’t need a lot to make me happy.

I’ve been married for 20 years. I have two boys, ages 20 and 19, and a 16-year-old daughter. So, much of my life has been spent chasing them around to sporting events every weekend. 

I like to play golf and I like to go boating. And I’m pretty big into college sports. I’m a Florida Gator fan (go Gators!), even though it’s been painful these last couple of years. We live only about 75 miles from the university, so we love going to the games.  

I’d say football is my main focus, and basketball is probably number two. I’m not the biggest baseball fan, though. It’s too slow for me.  

Q. What is one of the top challenges facing staffing firms today?

A. There’s never been a perfect balance in the staffing industry. There’s never the same amount of jobs for the same number of candidates. So, depending on the market, it’s either job heavy with no candidates, or there’s an abundance of candidates with no jobs—although it’s been a while since we’ve seen that market.

Another of the biggest challenges is that the work environment and the climate have changed drastically—particularly on the tech side. Technology in staffing was already starting to change a little. But the pandemic just supercharged that change, and now agencies are trying to understand the tech and still attract candidates and clients—many of whom are all remote and need a lot of attention. 

Plus, the demographics have changed significantly. A lot of baby boomers are leaving the workforce. So, not only is the market getting tighter, but staffing agencies have to adjust their messaging and how they reach out to new talent. 

The old days are over. We no longer post a job and candidates just apply left and right. Staffing agencies must have a digital strategy to get a candidate’s attention and hold it all the way down the funnel and beyond for continued engagement and possible redeployments down the road. 

Q. What is one thing about the staffing industry that specifically interests you?

A. I like to build things, and there’s no shortage of things to build in the staffing industry. I like challenges and I’m a hands-on person, whether it’s home projects or a company.

I loved helping build our growth-stage prop-tech startup in Florida. We had three partners and essentially five real estate agents on the platform. But when I left in the middle of November, we had over 120 partners and over 400 agents. That’s the type of tremendous growth I enjoy creating for my clients. And with PARQA, we have so many opportunities to help clients grow into something bigger and better.  

Q. What is something that staffing agencies need to start thinking about?

A. Only about 6% of staffing firms are tracking their redeployment rates. And of that 6%, very few have an automation strategy to keep talent engaged and redeploy them when their contracts are up.

Think of how much time and effort went into making that contact and placing them. That’s a huge investment. To let them fall between the cracks after they’re placed is a significant loss on that investment.  

If you think about the talent you’ve placed or even the talent you’ve communicated with before, they already know you and your firm. You’ve done the heavy lifting and gotten the introductions out of the way. These are your ideal candidates because they’ll be the easiest to redeploy. You know what they’re looking for. You know their strengths. All you have to do is find a way to keep them dialed in and activate them when the time is right. The amount of time and money you spend redeploying these candidates will be significantly less than attracting and placing a new lead. 

Want to see how Travis can help your firm?  

We’re thrilled to have Travis leading the charge on business growth for the staffing industry. Be sure to connect with Travis on LinkedIn, and stay tuned for more about him in the coming weeks.  

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