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For a digital marketing project to be successful, the initiative should be considered in the broader context of a communication strategy, because an effective digital marketing strategy is an integrated, supplementary, and tactical component of a broader communication strategy.

At Parqa, we don’t just create interest, we create demand.

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Our demand generation process uses a mix of inbound marketing, content marketing, and marketing automation, to attract & convert leads. This 360 approach allows us to optimize every message, channel and audience to deliver the right message at the right time to achieve a conversion.


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Global Leader in Solids Processing Systems & Equipment Felt Their Paid Efforts Were Becoming Stagnant


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Leader in Hockey Training Aids Optimizes Website, Content & PPC Campaigns to Drive Revenue & Increase Traffic


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Liberal Arts College Launches Google Paid Ads to Improve Their Online Conversion Rate & Increase Their Early College Programs Enrollment


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“Working with Parqa has been great. The team is dedicated and passionate about partnering with us and helping us grow. We needed a right-sized agency, that knew our industry, and could work independently to help our business grow, for us Parqa was a perfect fit.”



Leading ATS Platform

“This looks FANTASTIC!  We are so impressed with the work that is being done.  Thank you!”

“Thanks so much!!  We are so impressed with your work thus far and really appreciate the partnership and your attention to detail.”


Tech Search Firm

"We are already starting to see Parqa’s work results in progress!!! Which is why we are so very excited to keep everything moving along.  We certainly don’t want people being driven to a site that is only mediocre at best.  We need to make a good first impression.  Looking forward to more successes, we have been very impressed with the website work thus far."

Project Coordinator

Consulting Firm

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Achieving your business goals starts with properly tracking them. Armed with web analytics and data, Parqa’s digital marketing specialists gain insight into how much traffic comes to your business’ website, the path visitors take to get there, and what users do on-site. With web analytics and reporting, you can better understand, assess, and improve the effectiveness of your web presence in regards to generating traffic, leads, and conversions.

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