Is Your Website Up to Date or Out of Date?

Learn How to Start Fixing it

As trends in user experience and site design rapidly change, the need for regular updates to your firm’s website increases. Regular updates to your site’s content keep new visitors coming through search engines, optimized site structure makes it easy for those visitors to find what they need, and efficient use of resources keeps your site moving fast.

Regular updates can keep your site in the top ranks of search engines, but if it has been a while between updates, or you’ve recently rebranded, a full re-design might be better. This eBook details many problem areas, their causes, and steps to improve your website.

This complimentary eBook will show you:

  • Which parts of your current site are working well
  • Common problems many out of date websites have
  • Reasons why regular updates are important to search engines and site visitors
  • How to determine if your site is up to date, needs minor updates, or needs a full re-design

After reading this eBook you’ll have a handle on what parts of your site are up to date and working well, and which parts need updates or reworks. Armed with this info, you can ensure your website is your best salesperson.