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Need to generate more qualified leads? That’s our specialty.

Today, mass marketing has largely turned into a mass of niches. Whatever niche your business belongs to, Parqa can help your brand get in front of the right customer, in the right place, and at the right time with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Organic SEO, while important, can be a long road toward generating traffic. With PPC, you can garner instant real estate for your brand within search engine results pages by bidding on top positions. Through keyword research and testing marketplace verticals, we use data to build your overall PPC and digital marketing strategy and get results.

Parqa knows successful PPC campaigns start from the ground up and build upon an informed foundation of critical insights. Whether you’re in a rush to get into PPC or you’re already on board and want to see better results, Parqa can help your business run a lean campaign that maximizes exposure while limiting ad spend. Additionally, we track and measure the overall effectiveness of your ad campaign with web analytics and create easy-to-read reports anyone at your company can digest.

Why Invest in PPC Advertising?

PPC helps when you need traffic, and you need it now.

Parqa’s PPC specialists implement tailor-made, targeted PPC campaigns that achieve our clients’ business goals. Along with search engine results pages, it is also possible to place PPC ads on websites via the Google Display Network – a network of websites that incorporate ads pre-approved by Google.

Another option is to utilize a remarketing strategy, which works by tracking individual site visitor behaviors to display personalized ads on other websites visited by each particular customer. Regardless of which type of PPC advertising you’re interested in, Parqa’s digital marketing specialists will collaborate with you to develop a strategy that moves your business forward.

PPC advertising allows you to:

  • Generate qualified leads faster
  • Drive more web traffic
  • Gain valuable name recognition
  • Achieve high rankings for targeted keywords
  • Start seeing conversions in a matter of days, rather than months

How Does PPC Work?

Our process starts with extensive keyword research to determine what your target audience searches for. We place bids on keywords and phrases to secure top positions. When a customer searches using Google or Bing, your ads that contain matching keywords will display above the organic results. Your PPC ads have the potential to be seen by tens of thousands of visitors per day, but you’ll only be charged for those who choose to click on your ads. You control who sees your ads, when they see them, and the message they receive.

Parqa’s Paid Search Services

Parqa’s PPC management techniques are innovative and follow best practices when it comes to placing ads in highly targeted display, text, and video across search engines or social media channels. Our in-depth analysis of your target audience and keyword research bring top of industry results that matter to your marketing budget. We do not outsource our search engine marketing campaigns or PPC management – we build the strategy, monitor and execute our campaigns in-house at Parqa, based in Minneapolis. Let us know your business objectives, and we’ll provide insight into growing your site traffic and revenue through our pay-per-click services.

What Our Clients Say

“We had the privilege of working with Parqa to perform a PPC campaign to test a new product offering in select geographic regions across the country in which we had no prior presence or brand awareness established. Our goals were to drive awareness, generate leads and gain a better understanding of market response in these regions. To say we achieved our goals (we did) doesn’t tell the whole story. Great results are not an accident – they take thorough research, well-thought-out strategy, methodical execution and nimble response. Parqa provided all of these, which resulted in an effective campaign delivered on time and on budget. Their attention to detail in our bi-weekly reporting (and even more so, their interpretation of that data) provided valuable insight to our stakeholders, and will serve as an excellent foundation for future campaigns.”

Eric – Manager of Online Communications

PPC Case Study

A local university wanted to increase enrollment in their Early College program. With our PPC strategy they were able to drive awareness, generate leads and gain a better understanding of the market. PPC campaign result:




Conversion Rate


Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)

PPC Blogs

PPC Blogs

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