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Solids Processing Systems & Equipment Manufacturer

Global Leader in Solids Processing Systems & Equipment Felt Their Paid Efforts Were Becoming Stagnant

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Being in such a unique industry and worldwide is in itself a challenge. This leader in large on-demand industrial processing systems was previously working with another digital agency, but felt their paid efforts were becoming stagnant, so they decided to partner with Parqa Marketing to help increase month-over-month revenue by maximizing the volume and efficiency of form fills and phone calls.


  • Research clients industry and targeted verticals to determine new client avenues to pursue.
  • Implement & utilize call tracking software to better attribute/ track phone call conversions back to the source of the lead.
  • Determine and focused paid ads around geographies that generate the most sales for them [our client].
  • Structure the paid advertising keyword bidding on phone calls and opt-in form fills to maximize spend and efficiency.


3+ years

Our Clients Longest Tenure With Any Digital Marketing Firm


Increase In Phone Calls Generated

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As a smaller company, we struggle with limited resources to capitalize on our digital footprint. Parqa has proven a valuable partner, dedicated to our growth without sacrificing quality. They have been attentive to our evolving needs, and continue to deliver on their promise of further developing and sharing our story.

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