Your Website’s User Experience: Why It’s Important

October 2, 2018
By Taylor Eide

User Experience: also known as UX is defined as the overall experience you have when you are using or interacting with something.  Most often we think and talk about this in terms of ‘technical’ devices like smartphones, but the truth is UX is much broader.

In this article we’ll be referring to UX as the experience your visitors have when browsing through and interacting with your website.

“If you can get visitors to stay on your site for 30+ seconds, there’s a good chance they’ll stay much longer on your website — often times 2+ minutes.”

Why Should I Care About My Website’s UX?

UX plays a critically important role in getting potential customers to spend time on your website, interact with your site and/or complete a specific action on the site (i.e. e-book download, contact form submission, purchase, phone call, quote request, etc). Without a good website UX you’re basically handing your potential customers over to the competition.

You have about 10 seconds to convince a web-visitor to stay on your website.

Even if they decide to stay, they’re still highly likely to leave within the subsequent 20 seconds of their visit.  So your website has to draw them, the content has to get them reading or scrolling through the page, while your CTA’s and other call-outs entice them to want to dig deeper into your site (whether it’s looking at more of your products, services, or learning more about your company).

“If people perceive the opportunity to interact and are confident that the interaction will help them reach their goal, then the probability of interaction is very high, and we will observe focused and intentional interaction.”

How Do I Know if My Website Has a Good UX?

There are a number of ways to tell if your website has a good UX. Below is a compiled list of some of the top UX requirements you should have on your website, why they’re important, and what you can do to improve your website’s UX and increase conversions.

The more ‘yeses’ you can answer on the statements below the better User Experience your site has.

  • Your contact form button(s) doesn’t say “submit”
  • All of your web pages have breadcrumbs on them
  • You change the content on your homepage frequently to keep it fresh for returning visitors
  • Your blogs/ news articles are written using the inverted pyramid style format
  • (For service/ B2B based businesses): You have a pricing page or information about your pricing somewhere on the website
  • You have an ‘About Us’ page
  • Your website provides anticipatory feedback somewhere(typically on product category or blog/ news pages)
  • The majority of your site content is laid out/written using short paragraphs and bullet points
  • You don’t use any/ many stock photos throughout your website
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