Staffing & Recruiting Behind the Scenes: How To Bypass Crisis Mode When Candidates Stop Applying

August 27, 2021
By Parqa Marketing

What happens when your best candidates stop applying for jobs? Is it time to panic? Or is it time to find a different, more engaging way to engage your network of talent? Today, we spoke with Billy Davis, the Director of Onboarding and Customer Success at Herefish by Bullhorn. Billy had some good news about how, with a genuine automation strategy, staffing and recruiting agents can jumpstart job-seekers who’ve gone dormant. Check out Kelli and Billy’s illuminating discussion on:

  • Why creating a quality experience for ALL candidates really does matter 
  • How systematizing your processes can drive company profitability and growth  
  • The importance of making your database the single source of truth (for sales, recruiting, and marketing)
  • Bonus: Top do’s and don’ts from the automation robot himself

The Presenters:

Kelli Schutrop
Director of Sales & Marketing, Parqa

Kelli Schutrop is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Parqa and has more than a decade of marketing experience including marcom, PR, branding, and digital – focused specifically on the staffing industry. She spent years leading marketing in-house at staffing + recruiting firms and has consulted hundreds of owners across the country on how to utilize strategic digital marketing to drive results for their businesses. Kelli thrives off small business growth, and previously in her career she managed marketing for an executive search and consulting firm which received 50% of its revenue through inbound marketing strategies.

Billy Davis
Director of Onboarding and Customer Success at Herefish by Bullhorn  

Billy Davis is the Director of Onboarding and Customer Success at Herefish by Bullhorn. Currently, he teaches staffing firms to generate limitless value through automation by leading Implementation and Customer Success at Herefish. As an expert in automation for staffing agencies since 2016, Billy has helped guide hundreds of recruiting firms along with their automation strategy and digital transformation journey. When not automating engaging campaigns you can find Billy doing other robot things, spending time with his wife and four children, or practicing Yoga.

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