We Tested LinkedIn Live Video. Here’s What We Learned.

September 30, 2019
By Chanel Schmidt

In keeping with industry trends from competitor platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn stepped up its game earlier this year by rolling out live video functionality for the first time in its history. In fact, LinkedIn first tested live video with a pilot program back in 2018 to a select group of companies and users. After doing so—and applying those insights—they launched a beta program in February of 2019 that still required an application process.

Let’s pause here for a second. What did we like about LinkedIn’s approach? They launched the pilot program and learned from it, applying those insights to the way they launched LinkedIn Live video in the beta program. As marketers, our bread and butter is testing and learning. A marketing strategy should be fully immersed in and informed by data-driven insights. If your car is your strategy, your steering wheel is data (and of course, your engine is your budget). It’s impossible to learn and grow if you’re not willing to take risks and try new things.

For the record, some of those previous insights include:

  • LinkedIn Live streams receive 24x more comments than native videos
  • LinkedIn Live streams receive 7x more reactions than native videos

So we thought we’d take a page out of LinkedIn’s playbook, and therefore applied for early access to the LinkedIn Live video beta program (which was actually pretty thorough!) out of a desire to test, learn, and innovate. We met the necessary criteria, and sure enough—we were in!

As soon as we received confirmation (and did a little victory dance), we hit the ground running on a LinkedIn Live video strategy. Since Parqa is not an enterprise-level organization with a robust in-house video production team, we thought we’d start with the lowest hanging fruit: event coverage.

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Our President & CEO, Tony Sorensen, has an immense passion for educating staffing and recruiting firms all over the country about how they can grow their companies through digital marketing, so he travels and speaks at many national events as a result. One of the biggest events in the recruiting space each year is the NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) Annual Conference. This year, it was held in San Antonio, TX, where Tony addressed attendees around the topic of “The Digital Marketing Trifecta: Brand Credibility, Online Visibility and Lead Generation.”

To make a long story short, we made our first attempt at LinkedIn Live video by streaming his presentation, and we learned quite a bit. We’re bringing you this post to save you some time and trouble, so you can come to the table prepared for your first attempt at LinkedIn Live video.

Our 5 Top Insights from LinkedIn Live Video

  1. It’s not as easy as Facebook Live, so prepare accordingly.
    • You cannot stream natively from the LinkedIn platform. You must choose a third-party broadcasting tool. This took a sizeable amount of research and integrating (we ended up choosing StreamYard due to its simplicity—and it’s free!).
  2. It takes a substantial amount of planning. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s.
    • Choose your third-party streaming vendor.
    • Connect your LinkedIn profile.
    • Research and purchase the necessary equipment needed.
      • Sound equipment – microphones, speakers
      • Lighting – ensure the room you’re streaming in is well-lit
      • Tripod – we highly recommend using one so your broadcast isn’t shaky or blurry
      • Test your internet connection.
      • Get the appropriate people on your team in the room to practice and assign responsibilities.
      • Run sound checks beforehand.
  3. Notify your network
    • Promote that you’ll be streaming live video and encourage your community to tune in.
    • Ask your employees to participate by sharing the stream, commenting and engaging.
  4. Monitor engagement and insights
    • Moderate your stream once you’re live. Designate one of your Page Admins to manage the comment flow and respond and engage accordingly.
    • Keep tabs on the performance of the video by monitoring insights, including total views, reach, actions, and more!
  5. Set reasonable expectations.
    • Don’t expect everything to be perfect. The first time you try anything, there’s bound to be some hiccups and roadblocks along the way. For us, that meant that the sound quality was…not ideal. It was difficult to hear because we didn’t have the proper sound equipment in place

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A Call to Test and Learn

In today’s crowded, saturated social media landscape, nothing is a silver bullet to engagement, follower growth, or any other vanity metric. However, by leveraging new features, ad units, and capabilities when they become available, you give your team the opportunity to learn and grow. Additionally, by being willing to try new things and go out on a limb with your audience, you prove your authenticity and humanize your brand. In doing so, you foster meaningful relationships by building trust with your community, and as a result, grow your business.

So do your research, get your strategy in place, execute it, learn from it, and go big or go home. Remember, failure is not fatal. #GrowthReimagined

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