Staffing & Recruiting Behind the Scenes: The Importance of Digitizing Your Company

February 16, 2021
By Kelli Schutrop

HealthCare Recruiter International’s President & CEO Jon Guidi joined our very own Kelli Schutrop in this fireside chat to discuss the new digital transformation sweeping the staffing & recruiting sector. Gain insight on the following:

  • Benefits of Digitizing Business (e.g., recruiters can work with people seeking their expertise, high-interest convos)
  • How to Create Demand (seeing an opportunity in the market and building/attracting lead interest through marketing)
  • Importance of Diversification (especially given these unique times)
  • FTE vs Outsourcing Marketing
  • The Power of a Dashboard (making data-driven business decisions)
  • And more!

The Presenters:

Kelli Schutrop
Director of Sales & Marketing, Parqa

As Director of Sales & Marketing, Kelli helps CEOs, owners, and visionaries transform their business goals into realities by building brands and driving qualified leads. She formerly managed marketing and communications in-house for leading executive search and consulting firms, and now with Parqa has provided marketing consulting to hundreds of staffing and recruiting firms nationwide. Kelli has spoken on the topic of digital marketing for the staffing industry through podcasts, webinars, and industry conferences.

Jon Guidi
CEO, HealthCare Recruiters International

Jon is currently the CEO of Healthcare Recruiters International and leads the Executive Search practice. Jon has managed many key relationships across a variety of sectors and is an expert in developing recruiting strategies to scale a business that requires a specialized workforce. He is also a regular speaker at global recruiting events and is widely considered a thought leader on innovation and technology usage in the recruitment sector.

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Kelli Schutrop


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