Staffing & Recruiting Behind the Scenes: The Importance of Executing Your Vision (EOS Framework)

May 21, 2021
By Kelli Schutrop

Do you have a vision for your company? Most likely. But do you have a way to execute that vision to create lasting success? You’re not alone if you’ve found consistent sticking points with people, processes, and/or tools as your business has grown. EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) provides a framework to clearly define your vision, identify and overcome obstacles, and actually make things happen to get what you want out of your business. Tune in to hear:

  • What is EOS? How can it help drive success? (No matter the stage of your company.)
  • How to identify, discuss, and solve your company’s root issues with people, processes, and tools.
  • How to stop “discussing the heck out of it,” and ensure your vision is actually executed.
  • Bonus: Hear first-hand how staffing firms have seen success through implementing EOS.

The Presenters:

Kelli Schutrop
Director of Sales & Marketing, Parqa

Kelli Schutrop is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Parqa and has more than a decade of marketing experience including marcom, PR, branding, and digital – focused specifically on the staffing industry. She spent years leading marketing in-house at staffing + recruiting firms and has consulted hundreds of owners across the country on how to utilize strategic digital marketing to drive results for their businesses. Kelli thrives off small business growth, and previously in her career she managed marketing for an executive search and consulting firm which received 50% of its revenue through inbound marketing strategies.

Derek Pittak
Founder & President, Beyond4Growth

Derek Pittak is the Founder & President of Beyond4Growth and has a passion for helping staffing and recruiting firms execute their vision utilizing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). Derek has spent years in the staffing industry, including most recently as COO for TalentLaunch, a $130M portfolio of staffing firms, where he discovered EOS and served as the organization’s Integrator. After realizing this framework was instrumental in leading change and growth for the business, he applied this methodology to the full network of companies. Now, as a Certified EOS Implementor, Derek launched his own company, Beyond4Growth, to help staffing and recruiting firms across the country achieve their goals.

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