Staffing & Recruiting Behind the Scenes: How To Succeed In The Current Talent Market

November 1, 2021
By Parqa Marketing

Staffing and recruiting can be an industry of extremes. HR leaders are often faced with one of the two situations: 

  1. Feast – too many applications for few job openings.
  2. Famine – too few applications for an abundance of job openings

These days staffing and recruiting agencies are dealing with a prolonged famine in candidates which is why every recruiter needs to have the right HR tech to win the great talent battle of 2021/2022.

This week, Kelli spoke with Pankaj Jindal, Co-Founder of Sense HQ, to learn how, with the right HR tech, staffing and recruiting agencies can succeed in sourcing, engaging, and acquiring talent during not just a candidate-driven market, but during all the unexpected trends of our employment market.

Check out their conversation for some revealing insights are some highlights to 

  • The difficult paradigm shift to a candidate-driven market
  • The staffing and recruiting industry is getting very consumerized
  • How the pandemic precipitated the need for digital transformation

The Presenters:

Kelli Schutrop
Director of Sales & Marketing, Parqa

Kelli Schutrop is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Parqa and has more than a decade of marketing experience including marcom, PR, branding, and digital – focused specifically on the staffing industry. She spent years leading marketing in-house at staffing + recruiting firms and has consulted hundreds of owners across the country on how to utilize strategic digital marketing to drive results for their businesses. Kelli thrives off small business growth, and previously in her career she managed marketing for an executive search and consulting firm which received 50% of its revenue through inbound marketing strategies.

Pankaj Jindal
Co-Founder of Sense HQ

Pankaj Jindal is a staffing industry veteran and the co-founder of Sense, the first candidate engagement platform designed specifically for the Staffing Industry. Before founding Sense, Pankaj spent 15 years running staffing companies, becoming an expert on candidate experience, recruiter productivity, redeployment, and understanding the day-to-day problems faced by recruiters. Pankaj used this practitioner’s knowledge to create Sense, which can help transform the consultant-care paradigm for staffing companies.

Prior to founding Sense, Pankaj was the CEO of Akraya, President of Aditi Technologies and Aditi Staffing, and completed the Advanced Management Education Program from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He routinely speaks at Industry Conferences on candidate engagement, employer branding and increasing retention.

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