Staffing & Recruiting Behind the Scenes: How To Catapult Your Staffing Firm Through Automation Adoption

November 23, 2021
By Parqa Marketing

Right now, the staffing and recruiting industries are experiencing a “calm before the storm.”

Once employment firms get a taste of automation, the flood gates are going to open. Marketing Automation, while nothing new, has yet to reveal its true potential. For many staffing and recruiting agents, the majority of their daily tasks can all be automated. And not by a clunky robot, but in a way that is both human and engaging.

Imagine hours of busy work, automated at the press of a button! 

This week, Kelli spoke with Toby Hoskins, Parqa’s Director of Marketing Automation and Technology, and Billy Davis, a former recruiter and business intelligence and analyst with staffing firms, who grew with Herefish as a product manager for everything from automation to AI at Bullhorn. 

They made some key discoveries on how to catapult your staffing firm through automation adoption, with some stunning insights exploring the possibilities of MarTech in the staffing and recruiting world, including:

  • The benefits of improving the entire MarTech process for both the candidate journey to the client journey.
  • How automation won’t replace what’s working in your business, but rather, amplifies it.
  • The eminent changes automation has brought to client and candidate expectations (and how slow adopters could get left behind).

We got some bonus content from their conversation as well, specifically regarding change management and how to roll out new tech to your internal teams and get them excited. Also, how your business needs need to drive technology, not the other way around.

The Presenters:

Kelli Schutrop
Director of Sales & Marketing, Parqa

Kelli Schutrop is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Parqa and has more than a decade of marketing experience including marcom, PR, branding, and digital – focused specifically on the staffing industry. She spent years leading marketing in-house at staffing + recruiting firms and has consulted hundreds of owners across the country on how to utilize strategic digital marketing to drive results for their businesses. Kelli thrives off small business growth, and previously in her career she managed marketing for an executive search and consulting firm which received 50% of its revenue through inbound marketing strategies.

Billy Davis
Director of Onboarding and Customer Success at Herefish by Bullhorn

Billy Davis began as a recruiter and moved into business intelligence analysis in staffing, then grew with Herefish. Billy is now the Product Manager for all things Automation and AI at Bullhorn. He teaches staffing firms to generate limitless value through automation by leading Implementation and Customer Success at Herefish. As an expert in automation for staffing agencies since 2016, Billy has helped guide hundreds of recruiting firms along with their automation strategy and digital transformation journey. When not automating engaging campaigns you can find Billy doing other robot things, spending time with his wife and four children, or practicing Yoga.

Toby Hoskins
Parqa’s Director of Marketing Automation and Technology

Toby is an experienced and forward-thinking marketing automation and technology professional with a passion for delivering the highest quality work. with a passion and expertise is in marketing automation, operations, communications, and demand generation. Toby has spent the past 10 years as a Marketing Automation specialist for a variety of industries. He has since brought that expertise back into the staffing industry to explore the incredible possibilities automation can have. Toby is very passionate about the entire MarTech (marketing technology) ecosystem for this industry.

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