Inbound Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide For Recruiting Firms

January 8, 2019
By Ashley Addison

We all know what marketing is – getting your product in front of customers to drive sales. Traditionally, this has been done through radio ads, tv ads, flyers or even a local newspaper. But inbound marketing is a whole new ball game – so what exactly is it?  

Inbound in a Nutshell 

In today’s market, it’s much more common for the buyer to have the power instead of the company. With an incredible amount of content, educational material, webinars, DIY tutorials, and Youtube videos, the internet is flooded with ways to educate yourself before you buy.  

Inbound marketing is focused on educating customers or clients, so they come to you on their own time instead of interrupting them to get them to buy. Interruptive marketing can be annoying, which in turn does not allow for a great relationship with potential customers.  

Inbound starts and ends with content. Content alone won’t do anything for you unless you have a sound strategy to consistently implement and promote your content. 

Let’s break down some basic steps for implementing an inbound marketing strategy:  

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How to Implement an Inbound Strategy 

There are several ways inbound marketing can be executed by a company, but the best practices we follow at Parqa always start with optimizing a website. Search Engine Optimization companies will optimize a website so it’s easy for the customer to view it. Making sure all page titles and content are optimized and set up properly allows Google to index all information on your website.  

Once a website is optimized, it’s time to focus on content. Content can come in several different forms such as website copy, blogs, ebooks, and webinars. All content on the website pages should be written with properly researched keywords before other content is focused on. While the content on your website is important, it is wasted if your website isn’t properly optimized 

After content on the site is optimized, linking to external content should be the next focus. This can include blogs, webinars, whitepapers, ebooks, salary guides, and any other educational content. If you have another creative way you’ve been getting in front of clients, that’s great too! The purpose of this content is to build your company’s brand and trust within the industry.  

Content can be consumed in two different ways – gated or non-gated. Gated content is usually going to be long-form such as an ebook or webinar. To get this content, users fill out a form to receive highly desired and educational content. Non-gated content is used to inform people about things going on in an industry usually via blogs. This content is used to guide users to the more coveted gated content. To learn more about the differences between these types of content, check out our other blog called Gated Content vs. Ungated Content: When to Use Each 

Once email addresses are obtained from gated content, those leads can be nurtured and hopefully converted to clients down the road. This path can take a few days, or up to a few years. The goal is to convert them into a customer or client in the end – no matter how long it takes.  

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How Can Inbound Marketing Help Me? 

Your company most likely has a marketing team, person or general strategy of some sort. That can include your CEO being on the news every so often, sending out emails on a monthly basis, or cold calling businesses. Inbound marketing can help in several ways – but it isn’t a quick and easy thing to implement. It takes time to develop the correct content on your website, develop external content to engage people, and nurture them until they’re a client or customer.  

At Parqa, we specialize in implementing these strategies for clients. We develop a discovery phase where we research everything going on in the industry around you, optimize your website, then work together to develop pieces of an inbound strategy. Remember, without the proper execution, you can’t expect your content to do the job for you.

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