How to Make Your Brand More Attractive to New Leads

November 27, 2019
By Tucker Combs

At Parqa, we believe there are three integral pillars that hold up successful digital marketing campaigns: brand credibility, online visibility, and lead generation—and there’s a good reason we start that list with brand credibility. First and foremost, the credibility of your brand is what encourages, or discourages, leads to pick up the phone and call you. And, in today’s digital world, the very first assessment of your brand most often happens in one place: your website. 

While there is much more that contributes and enhances your overall brand credibility, below we’ll take a closer look at how impactful a good website can be and insights into how you can make sure yours is a step ahead of the competition. 

Your Website and Brand Credibility

So much of a consumer’s buying decision takes place before they ever email you, call you, or come into your office. When someone receives a message from you or comes into contact with something about your firm, typically the very first thing they do is immediately go to your website. The presence your business has online is vital to the credibility of your brand and the likelihood of a potential client becoming a client. 

We like to use the analogy of the CEO of a $100 million dollar company that wants to meet with you and assess if your firm is the right one to do business with. Would you invite them to your house, greet them in sweatpants, and then profess your expertise? No, you wouldn’t. But you would invite them to your new, freshly designed office space and greet them in a suit and tie. 

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Your website and other online mediums function in the same exact way. Does your website sport a clean, professional design, navigate smoothly, and provide relevant, insight information? Is it a reputable extension of the professional mastery your firm has earned over the years? Or is it clunky, out-of-date, slow, and devoid of any content that positions you as a thought leader within your niche?

To dress up your website as the salesman it should be, always ask yourself these questions:

  • Does our website tell the story of our credibility, expertise, and differentiators?
  • As soon as a client (or candidate) sees our website, could they easily identify what we do best?
  • Is our website intuitive and easy to use, or is it making potential leads jump through unnecessary hoops to contact us?

Your website doesn’t sleep, doesn’t call in sick, and can engage with thousands of prospects at a time. If your website isn’t reaching its potential, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to build and reinforce the credibility of your brand. 

For a more exhaustive break-down on how your brand credibility can attract new leads, including the value of social media and online visibility, here’s our latest webinar on the topic. 

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