How To Get Your Jobs Listed on Google Jobs

January 22, 2019
By Taylor Eide

Google for Jobs is not a job board so there’s no way to directly post jobs on ‘Google for Jobs’. Instead, it scrapes and features job postings that are already published on the web. There are two ways to get your company’s jobs listed in ‘Google for Jobs’.

  1. By integrating your job board directly with Google (recommended)
  2. By using a third-party job site (i.e. LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Monster, etc.)

1. Integrating Directly with Google

The most reliable way, and also perhaps the more difficult way to get your company’s jobs on Google Jobs is by integrating your jobs directly with Google Jobs.  If your website has a job board section or careers page where your jobs are published, and you can edit the HTML of your job postings, this is the most reliable method to ensure Google indexes your postings.

This method will likely require help from your digital marketing firm or development team. Google outlines how to do this in a technical guide available here.

Follow these Steps to Integrate Your Job Board Directly with Google:

  1. Make sure your web pages being indexed by Google
  2. Add job posting structured data in your job listings/ job postings
    1. The best way to do this is through Google Tag Manager
  3. Submit your updated sitemap to Google Search Console to inform Google of your changes to your job postings
  1. Log into the back end of your website and go to the page template for your individual job postings.
  1. Find the following information within the page template and make sure this information is visible on the page:
    1. Job Title
    2. Job Description
    3. Date Published
    4. Job Industry
    5. Job State
    6. Job City
    7. Job Type (i.e. part-time or full-time)

From here you’ll need to add <div> or <span> classes on the job opening template related to the items above.

NOTE: <span class=”post-date”> references the date the job was posted

NOTE: <div class=”job-description”> references the job description or the job posting content

  1. After adding classes for the above information you’ll need to create those as variables within Google Tag Manager
    1. For the variables set it up like the image below
    2. The only thing that will change between each of the variables is the ‘Element Selector’… span.CLASS_NAME or div.CLASS_NAME.

  1. Set up a ‘Job Posting’ Tag like the one below
    1. The items in the {{double brackets}} should be the same as the Name of the User-Defined Variable

  1. Set up a trigger to tell Google Tag Manager when to fire the ‘Job Posting Structured Data’ Tag – (see the example below)
    1. In the example below all of our clients jobs live under a parent folder /opening/, so we’ve told Google Tag Manager to only launch this tag when the page URL contains /opening/
    2. If your individual jobs don’t have a parent folder, I’d highly recommend creating a parent folder for them to live under, as this will not only help with implementing the structured data, but also allow you to easily track and view traffic to all of your individual jobs within Google Analytics

2. Using a Third-Party Job Site

Google Jobs integrates seamlessly with many of the major third-party job boards, so if you’ve posted your listings on one of those jobs boards that are already integrated with the Google Jobs search engine – You’re Done.

Your jobs are now eligible to show up in Google Jobs search results.

While this is perhaps the easiest way to get your jobs to show up on Google Jobs it doesn’t improve your website’s SEO or help you increase traffic to your site, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing which way you want to go about getting your jobs on Google Jobs.

Job Posting Optimization Tips & Tricks

Optimizing your job postings for SEO is just as important as optimizing the content on your site.  Below are some SEO tips to help you improve the rankings of your job listings on Google for Jobs:

  • Use relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your job title and job description
  • Make sure job titles are clear and that candidates are likely to be searching for
  • Ensure your job description(s) are brief and contain bulleted lists of some sort
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