Future-Proof Your Staffing Strategy

June 27, 2022
By Parqa Marketing

It’s no surprise that the staffing industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The digital transformation—and the future of the staffing industry as a whole—is upon us. While that truth comes with its fair share of challenges and a bit of pressure, there has never been a more exciting time to be in staffing.

As a business leader, now is the time to focus on investing in the right tech stack, developing scalable processes, automating standard outputs, and marching toward maximum efficiency to ensure your firm has the legs to be, what we like to call, a staffing firm of the future.

You might be sitting there thinking, “Yes, that’s me!” But what does that mean in practical terms? In this blog, we’re bringing a few key principles to get your strategy in place for long-haul growth and success.

Steps Agencies Are Taking to Build for the Future

The best way to future-proof your staffing strategy is to begin with the things you already know.

Leverage the power of your database

Many staffing agencies have built massive databases to the tune of hundreds of thousands of candidates. The chances are, however, they’re not touching them right now. Accessing that highly valuable database means:

  • Aggregating the data to make it useful
  • Building a clear candidate journey, so you know what message to send your candidates and when to send it
  • Activating those workers at any stage in the funnel

Until recently, that meant an impossible amount of time-consuming manual tasks. That is, until automation made the impossible a reality—which leads us to the next point.

Embrace automation

Any recruiter who has sent a happy birthday email or congratulations for one month on contract could tell you they put a lot of consideration and effort into just that one touch point. Building strong recruiter-to-candidate relationships is paramount in our industry. You want to continually remind your candidates of the great experience they’ve already had with your company, and how there’s more where that came from.  But doing that several thousands of times a day is impossible. The great news is that for staffing agencies, automation makes it possible to do more with less. You don’t have to hire a team of full-time recruiters to send thousands of messages individually. We can solve that through automation to ensure every candidate has a great experience on a much larger scale.

Cut the noise

You’re likely getting hundreds of applications every day. Do you have the technology to parse out the top candidates from unqualified leads? Knowing how to cut the clutter and activate the most qualified workers will not only save you an incredible amount of time, but will also help your placement rate and go a long way in building trust with your clients. To cut the noise, you need more insight into your database and incoming leads.

Deliver a top candidate experience with staffing on-demand

Building the best candidate experience should be one of your agency’s top priorities if it’s not already. Delivering the very best candidate experience means:

  • Having the AI tools in place to respond the moment someone lands on your site
  • Responding with immediacy to leads within minutes rather than allowing their inquiry to languish over the weekend
  • Having the time and attention span to deliver thoughtful responses and allow your leads to drive the conversation rather than hurrying them through a clunky application/interview process
  • Communicate every step of the way

These days, job seekers have more visibility into their order for pizza than they have with their applications. Get your agency to a place where you can provide the immediacy and service job seekers are used to in every other marketplace. That is perhaps the most effective way to future-proof your recruiting strategy.

How Parqa Can Help

The future may be uncertain, but there are several ways you can prepare your staffing agency for almost any direction the employment market may turn. We can help you get there.

Contact Parqa today to earn how our performance marketing agency can help you future proof your staffing firm. 

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