Case Study: Creating a Social Media Strategy

October 31, 2018
By Parqa Marketing

This case study represents the organic growth we saw from a client when implementing a custom social media strategy. Before partnering with Parqa Marketing, the company had occasionally been active on social media but lacked consistency and a true social strategy to measure their efforts. Our partnership included writing two custom blogs a month, social media management, and monthly reporting.

Case Study Breakdown

The Challenge: A national recruiting firm with 10 different specialized practice areas wanted to build a social media presence to increase brand awareness and stand out in a crowded market.

Our goal: To develop a social media and content strategy that would attract and engage new and existing audiences while building credibility, showcasing thought leadership and focusing in on their expertise.

1. Background Research

Before we started to build a strategy for the future, we had to look at what had been done in the past by conducting an audit. An audit informs us which profiles needed to be optimized, what strategies have been executed in the past, and what the client’s competitors were doing from a strategic standpoint. After analyzing this information, we were able to start developing the strategy outline.

2. Building the Strategy Outline

When beginning our research to develop the strategy, we had to start off by determining a few basics of any social media strategy. This included answering the who, what, when, where and why.

  • Who: Define the target audience
  • What: Determine what KPIs will be measured
  • When: Discover optimal posting days/time for our audience
  • Where: Choosing the correct social media platforms / where is your target audience
  • Why: Set the correct goals that align with the overall business objectives

These are questions that will help you build and define your strategy.

3. Understanding Your Target Audience

We broke our audience down into three different markets: clients, candidates, and brand advocates.

More importantly than identifying these markets was to discover what’s important to them. What images and content attract them? What are their pain points? What are they looking for on social media channels?

4. Testing the Content

Creating and testing content is a big part of having a successful social media strategy, it’s a process that you should continuously be fine-tuning. Understanding your audience is vital when developing a social media strategy that will resonate with the audience.

Throughout testing and research, we found that employee advocacy was a large part of the client’s brand. Their employees loved engaging with content that promoted the brand, what it stands for and shares what they do.

5. The Solution

Parqa devised a social media strategy that aligned with the client’s overall marketing goals. The strategy targeted their already active audience while also bringing creative ideas into the mix that would generate interest of new audiences.

To increase our client’s online presence, we knew we had created content that our audience would be interested in. We broke down the client’s target audiences into three main groups: candidates, clients, and employee advocates. This way we had an audience of brand advocates but also had a strategy to reach those who may not know about the brand and what they do.

The Result

  • 137% Engagement Increased
  • 545% Increase in Website Traffic from Social Media
  • 100% Increase in LinkedIn Followers



Businesses are using social media in different ways, posting to post is merely a short activity to keep your brand presence alive, but when you implement and strategy, you can use social media to reach goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how Parqa Marketing can create a social media strategy for your company.

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