Bullhorn Engage and the Critical Role of Networking in the Staffing Industry

May 23, 2022
By Jared Hummel

2022 is a year like none other for the staffing industry. 

Never before has there been such a unique opportunity to “meet the moment” in capitalizing on the industry’s advancements. Among talent shortages, rapidly accelerated technology adoption, and the always-changing landscape of candidate experience, the industry is changing faster than ever. 

We know for certain there is one event that will focus on solutions with clarity: Bullhorn Engage. 

The team at Parqa can’t wait to attend Bullhorn Engage. Check out our blog with a must-see checklist for one of the most inspiring conventions for the staffing industry! 

We're passionate about staffing conferences.

Read about our learnings from ASA Staffing World 2021 👉

Networking. Networking. Networking. 

It’s no coincidence for an industry that runs on relationships, networking is one of the most exciting opportunities at Engage. We’re in the ultimate people business. Catching up with old friends, learning  insights, and discussing strategies from new friends is a real highlight of our year.  

The people at Engage will be excited to meet, connect, and share new ideas.  

At last year’s conference, the candidate journey was on everyone’s mind. At Engage, leaders and contributors from across the industry came together to reveal their best practices and key findings on what job seekers were looking for, and how to deliver the experience candidates have come to expect.  


Networking at Bullhorn Engage. Photo via Bullhorn.

“Connected Recruiting” and Other New Ideas & Strategies 

Recruiting has never been a more interconnected enterprise. 

With powerful technology such as Bullhorn Connect, recruiters have more options than ever to provide a more effective and immediate staffing experience. Automation is freeing up recruiters from time-consuming manual tasks and giving them the time and freedom to connect with candidates like never before. The need to provide a top-notch candidate experience is changing everything from how agencies work with their clients to the technologies driving on-demand staffing. 

The newest and brightest ideas in the staffing industry are always front-and-center at Engage. And we’re looking forward to learning and discussing the tech-focused, people-driven strategies to keep recruiters connected with their network of talent. 

Learn From Friends and Other Industry Leaders 

The speakers and breakout sessions are one of the main attractions of Engage. We highly recommend Engage attendees make time to catch as many of these presentations as possible: 


Photo via. Bullhorn Engage

Share What We Know and Bring Value 

As a digital marketing agency for the staffing industry (we’re the company on your hotel key card!), Parqa has first-hand experience with the marketing, automation, and analytics that are already central to the staffing industry.  

We have some tips and tricks that have made a difference for many staffing firms, and we look forward to sharing these insights with you at Booth #3! 

And make sure to catch Kelli Schutrop and Julie Haldorson at the Staffing Future roundtable – Attracting, Engaging, and Converting Candidates with Staffing Future. During our conversation, we will discuss how staffing agencies need to optimize every element of candidate attraction, engagement, and conversion to secure top talent. 

As a brief preview, candidate attraction to conversion analysis is crucial in reducing the costs, effort, and time it takes to hire. In our roundtable discussion, we’ll cover: 

  • The connected user journey within the candidate attraction lifecycle 
  • Best practices for engaging a hesitant candidate pool 
  • How your firm can build a connected recruiting strategy  


Photo via Bullhorn Engage.

Will We See You at Bullhorn Engage? 

Stay tuned for updates and notable insights from the Parqa crew at this year’s Bullhorn Engage. If you are attending, let’s meet up! Feel free to drop by our booth, our round table with Staffing Future — or you can catch Jared by the food pretty much any time. Let’s go! 

Make sure to connect with the Parqa team at this year’s Bullhorn Engage: 

Will we see you at Bullhorn Engage 2022?

Contact us and let’s meet up!

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