Bing PPC Ads: The New Frontier for Staffing and Recruiting

May 22, 2019
By Jeremy Delgado

As you may have already heard, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016. Many were wondering what the giant had in the works for the networking platform. After the acquisition, many people speculated that Microsoft planned to expand its pay per click marketing capabilities. With the purchase of LinkedIn, Bing now has a differentiator from Google to separate them from the domination of all the search traffic. 

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Changes to Bing Advertising 

Bing recently announced that you can now target ads toward potential customers on LinkedIn based on their profile information. Some of the parameters include: 

  • Company, such as United Health Group, Cisco, or Boston Scientific 
  • Industry, such as Design, Health Care, or Transportation & Logistics 
  • Job function, such as Engineering, Administrative, or Accounting 

CurrentlyLinkedIn targeting is still in beta, but it’s expected to roll out to all advertisers very soon. Contact Bing ads support or you Bing account manager for details on how to get into the beta. 

The new LinkedIn profile targeting is currently available for expanded text ad campaigns, dynamic search ad campaigns, and Bing shopping campaigns. Advertisers can apply LinkedIn targeting to entire campaigns or focused on specific ad groups. 

Here is a snapshot from the Bing dashboard in the demographics tab: 

Bing dashboard




Within any one of these demographic tabs, advertisers can search for their professional target of choice and add it to their campaigns as a bid adjustment.

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Improvements for Recruiters 

LinkedIn is already a fantastic lead generation tool for the staffing industry when trying to find great candidates. When done correctly LinkedIn advertising can also be a good client generator, specifically for companies searching for talent. If your staffing agency isnt utilizing LinkedIn for recruiting purposes, you are missing out.  

With the additional targeting now available to Bing ads, staffing agencies and recruiters can get in front of people you know are a good fit for your clients’ current openings as well as candidates you want to add to your network for future placements. 

If you aren’t already doing so, make sure and allocate some budget to Microsoft Bing when putting your yearly digital marketing plan together 

It will be exciting to see in how much this option is used and to share knowledge and best practices with other advertisers utilizing the new changes to Bing search. 

If you’re ready to expand your digital advertising efforts, the team at Parqa will help you maximize your PPC budget. 

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