Automation vs. The Human Touch

August 9, 2022
By Nate Barber

A lot is going on in the world. People are feeling more isolated and alone. With the news and an uncertain economy, it’s not hard to understand why. Art Papas of Bullhorn said it best at Engage Boston, “We’re getting back to normal, but stuff is still messed up.” 

That’s why it’s more important than ever that recruiters are not just sending automated touchpoints to their community of talent but making meaningful connections. So, it’s understandable that marketing automation can still seem like a risky option, even with its capacity to revolutionize the staffing industry.  

Curious About Marketing Automation

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But what if automation and the human touch aren’t mutually exclusive? How can you make more and deeper connections with automated recruiting? Before automation can turn the industry on its head, we need to consider a different way to connect.  

Why Automation Gets a Bad Rap 

At one point, you’ve probably received an email that began with “Hello, [name].” 

Imagine sending a message like “Contact us today for your next great job!” to someone you just placed. 

These are examples of what many recruiters imagine when they picture automation—messages that are clunky, misplaced, and tone deaf. They assume that with automation, their touchpoints will lose all the personalization and the human touch that comes with manual messages. 

The key to better understanding the role and effectiveness of automation is not an “automate everything” approach. Consider instead how many time-consuming, manual tasks are taking up your day and find strategic ways to automate those with relevant, eye-catching messages.  

Automation vs. Personalization 

So, what tasks could you automate? What does your day look like? How much time are you spending: 

  • Pre-screening candidates 
  • Scheduling appointments 
  • Capturing, processing, and aggregating candidate data 
  • Congratulating active workers for one month on contract 
  • Congratulating active workers on three, five, and six months on contract 
  • Cleansing your candidate database 
  • Writing and sending touchpoints that usher candidates further down the pipeline 
  • Creating talent workflows that collect interviewer feedback 
  • Sending follow-up reminders to interviewers to ensure they are promptly evaluating candidates 

Once you get granular with your daily time-consuming tasks, it’s easier to imagine the messaging for those tasks and how those touchpoints could easily be automated and land with that personal touch.  

You could easily automate 60% of your daily tasks and reserve 40% of them for unique, more nuanced and personalized outreach. 

Imagine the time and resources you could free up with 60% of your daily tasks automated. 

Content is King 

A key component of automation is creating great touchpoints. To do this, you need great content. That means putting yourself in the shoes of the candidate and intuitively writing the right message for that specific point in the candidate’s journey. 

Content is going to be the main driver that: 

  • Encourages the candidate to open the email 
  • Catches their eye with exciting, valuable content 
  • Connects and resonates with their journey, their wants, needs, and future goals 
  • Moves them to take action, whether that’s learning more or getting in touch 

You Can Create Automation with the Personal Touch 

Rather than worrying if marketing automation will eliminate the human touch, instead: 

  1. Consider the tasks that make sense to automate. 
  2. Create great, personalized messages that are relevant, meaningful, and inspiring. 
  3. Send those messages thousands of times a day while you’re working on other tasks. 

You need to develop messaging that can cut through the noise people are hearing these days and land with a meaningful connection. For help mapping out your candidate journey and developing meaningful content that will land with a personal touch, contact Parqa today. 

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