Watch: Art Papas Keynote Speech from Bullhorn Engage 2022

July 25, 2022
By Parqa Marketing

Whatever you do in the staffing industry, take a moment and stop what you’re doing. Do yourself a favor and watch this video from Bullhorn’s CEO & Co-Founder, Art Papas, during this year’s Engage conference in Boston. Art’s speech hits the nail on the head. 

Right now, there is a unique opportunity in the staffing industry to solve some of the most persistent barriers to staffing, and Art expertly lays it all out, from: 

  • Replicating the tech experience in staffing that candidates are familiar with in other marketplaces. From applications and interviewing, to onboarding and submitting timecards, today’s talent is looking for (and demanding) processes that are simplified with tech. 
  • Adjusting how staffing agencies view the staffing industry to more closely align with how job seekers and workers see staffing. The need: closing the gap between the perception of the industry and the candidate’s actual experience 
  • Modern digital marketing. How do you know it works? To solve the disconnect between the industry’s top tech and your ROI, you need a better understanding of how marketing actually works.  

Art covers so much more in his keynote. These are the top issues everyone in staffing is trying to figure out, and the answer could be very simple. The key to winning in staffing begins with understanding what it takes and committing to a strategy you can trust. Watch Art’s video below. 

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