5 Key Takeaways from NAPS 2019

October 1, 2019
By Parqa Marketing

1) The Proven Process

Successful digital marketing feeds directly into lead generation efforts. Our proven process of online visibility, brand credibility, and lead generation maximizes the effect of your online presence to drive growth. On their own, each piece can help your firm, but they have their greatest effect when combined.

Leaving out one of the pieces can result in lost business. If people know your reputation but cannot find you online, they won’t get in contact. Alternately, if they know your name from your site but have no info to confirm your reputation, they can’t build trust in your firm. On the bright side, you’re probably already working hard on a couple of the pieces of the puzzle. You’ve got a head start on the marketing trifecta and streamlining your firm’s success.

2) Is Your Website Your Best Salesperson?

It may sound strange but you should think of your website as a member of your team. Many potential clients and candidates get the first impression of your firm through your website. What is that impression like? Can they tell what you do in less than five seconds?

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Your site has a small amount of time to capture attention. Once it has that attention, your website needs practice area pages, team bios, and good user experience to convince clients and candidates of your reliability. Just like any of your sales team, your site needs to quickly convince users to discuss a partnership with your firm.

3) Staffing and Recruiting on Social Media

Just like your website, your presence on LinkedIn goes a long way toward making your firm visible and credible to clients and candidates. While the first time they encounter your profile they may not be ready to make a buying decision, social media allows you to stay relevant and top-of-mind when they are ready.

The branding and photos on your company profile are very important and should match your website and any print materials. From there filling out all of the relevant company info as well as publishing thought leadership content positions your firm as a trusted expert to both clients and candidates.

4) Lead Generation Then v. Now

It used to be that when a client or candidate searched for a staffing or recruiting firm, they’d find the top result on google and give them a call. We used to only ask how they found us on a call, but now, it’s a bit more complicated. With most firms on board with search engine results rankings you now have to convince clients and candidates why they should work with you over your competitors.

It comes down to content marketing to drive lead generation. Your site should contain a body of content that establishes you as a trustworthy recruiter of choice. Clients and candidates should be able to get their questions answered without picking up the phone. Focus your content marketing on addressing your audience’s pain points and solving their challenges and you’ll win them over.

5) Pay Per Click and Paid Social

Investing in your online visibility can go a long way to bringing more clients and candidates to your doorstep. Pay per click advertising relies on predicting the words your ideal clients use to search for a partner and paying to make sure your website shows up when they make that search. While a top ranking on its own won’t win business, without a high ranking, no one will be able to find you and learn why you’re their best option.

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Paid social media ads work in a similar way, but you are making sure your ads are appearing where your clients and candidates spend their time online, LinkedIn. Relevant graphics and punchy headlines capture attention and bring users to your site where they can learn more and get in contact with your team. While organic social is useful for credibility, paid LinkedIn ads are critical to increasing your visibility.

If this overview sheds some light on areas of digital marketing where your firm can improve, now is the perfect time to get started. Get in contact with our team of experts and we can take stock of your current efforts and recommend areas for improvement. Schedule a meeting today.

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