Why Our Agency Loves Partnering with Internal Marketers

April 3, 2019
By Jared Hummel

Does this situation sound familiar? The owner of your company comes to you and says he is talking to a digital marketing agency. As an internal marketer, your gut reaction is probably one of the following:  

Oh no! They’re probably going to fire me!  

Aren’t I doing my job well enough? 

Why would they need a digital agency when they have me?  

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Wide-Ranging Industry Expertise 

No one is an expert at everything. Its impossible. If youre the sole marketer or have a limited marketing team there is no way youre an expert in design, paid advertising, writing content, and email marketing. There is too much to know, especially when the market is always evolving. By partnering with an agency, you can maximize your team’s time and play to your strengths. 

First, you can offload tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse so you can focus on your strengths. You get job satisfaction in focusing on your core competencies, and your superiors see you excelling and getting real results.  

Also, as a generalist, you probably want to learn more about each area of marketing over time so that you can continue to develop your career. Use the partnership to continue to learn how to do specific things from people that have chosen to be experts in their field 

Cutting-Edge Strategy 

The goal of our digital agency is to take the accumulation of what we know about staffing, what we know about marketing, and what we know about digital strategy to create the best solution for your business.  

We have access to opportunities that many internal marketers in your shoes may not. We collaborate with staffing firms across the country every day, listening to their pain points and working with them to solve them. You may not have time to regularly research best practices in the market. Your team might not work with every marketing medium daily, you can’t be an expert at every medium. And that’s ok. 

Even as an awesome marketer you cant be everything to everyone. Our value is in the fact that we know strategy. Trying a lot of things will get you some results but tying intention and purpose to your efforts yield the best results. By partnering with a digital marketing agency, you take the weight off your shoulders; collaborating on a master plan and focusing on executing pieces of the plan. 

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Driving Progress and Projects 

Our agency is great for helping internal marketing teams in a pinch. You know your company best, and you can see when a project may be backed up. We’re here to support you and your company’s efforts and get results. 

Maybe you have a great plan for the year but a couple of months in youre already behind because of “other duties as assigned.” Let us help you get back on track with your original plan with a one-time project or take some other tasks off your plate on an ongoing basis. 

If youre already maxed out every week but more projects keep coming, give us a call. Starting our partnership with an emergency project helps us understand how we can serve you and build a trusting partnership. 

Like I said before, we love working with internal marketers. We don’t want your job. Our sole purpose is to help other staffing firms learn and grow through digital marketing. Contact Parqa today to learn how we can drive your digital marketing efforts. 

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