5 Ways to Foster Creativity as a Digital Marketing Agency

June 25, 2019
By Parqa Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get those creative juices flowing. Whether it be social media, content, SEO, PPC, or marketing automation, creativity is a necessary ingredient for attracting and retaining clients within the recruiting industry. 

There are endless ways to promote creativity within your organization, but I’m going to touch base on five of the most beneficial methods for successful growth 

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Get Curious 

It’s common to lose your sense of motivation to explore new experiences the older you get. That’s why I recommend igniting that inner child to help get that creativity flowing. Venture your mind and pay attention to all your surroundings. 

Channel your inner-curious George to help spark some creativity will help you and your organization thrive. 

Create a Fun and Positive Work Environment  

With an upbeat, positive environment within your organization, the creative brainstorming process should be smooth and painless. Incorporating fun into your same-old work routine will allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable. Studies show, having a positive mood can allow your brain to think more creatively while in the workplace.  

One thing I find helpful is switching up my surroundings in the office every once and a while. Sitting at your desk can be boring, so getting up and moving into a different room within your organization can be useful in fueling creative thought. 

Remember, creating a fun and positive work environment will enhance the culture you’ve created at your company.  

Challenge Yourself and Others  

Don’t be afraid to be honest and give constructive criticism when necessary. Push yourself and other team members to look outside the box and view things from a different perspective. Your best work may stem from your team member challenging you. 

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Allow Time for Freedom  

Constant supervision of employees, without giving them space to get creative, prohibits them from producing their best work. Avoid micro-managing your team; let them have the freedom to make their own choices without being critiqued.  

Taking a step back and taking advantage of the freedom you have in the office will give your brain a much-needed break from all the busy workhopefully inspiring you to develop creative ideas.  

Reward When Necessary  

A great way to get employees inspired is through motivation and incentives. Set reasonable goals for everyone to meet by a certain date with rewards that can be both tangible or intangible such as money or appreciation. This will get everyone motivated to reach their goals, ultimately benefiting both the organization and them. 

Fostering creativity at work can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. These five ways will lead to a breakthrough in creativity and leave you and your team stress-free.  

Struggling to develop creative content for your business? Contact us today to give your digital marketing efforts a boost. 

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