5 LinkedIn Best Practices – To Become a Recruiter of Choice

December 19, 2018
By Parqa Marketing

Did you know that 87% of users trust LinkedIn as a source of information? Or that 75% of buyers use social media in their decision-making process? 

It’s a fact. In today’s business world, both companies and their employees need to be active on social media. That doesn’t mean you have to be on every social platform and posting multiple times a day, but you do need to have a solid presence. Why? Because people are always searching online, and you need to ask yourself – What will they find if they come across your profile? Are you someone they would just glance at or does your online presence make you look like an industry expert?  

Here are 5 best practices that you can utilize on LinkedIn to improve your professional brand, develop thought leadership and increase your credibility.  

Best Practice #1 – Build Your Professional Brand  

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile goes a long way toward establishing expertise. You can download our quick and easy profile optimization checklist here.

Best Practice #2 – Utilize and Build Your Network 

  • Connect with the right people – the search function makes it easy to find people in your target market 
  • Take advantage of “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”
  • Reach out to interesting connections  
  • Leverage current connections to expand your network  
  • Take advantage of 2nd connections and ask for an introduction  
  • Share relevant content with individuals that would benefit from it

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Best Practice #3 – Build Relationships  

  • Engage with your audience – by interacting with your connections’ content you increase visibility which helps to build relationships
  • Follow the “Three Golden Rules of Engagement;” Like – Share – Comment   

Best Practice #4 – Thought Leadership  

  • Be known for what you know – There are two great ways to provide thought leadership on LinkedIn: 
    • Focus on articles – These are a powerful way to showcase your expertise and are searchable by all LinkedIn members and Google 
    • Posts – Share relevant and valuable content 

Best Practice #5 – Make Use of Analytics  

  •  Check your post insights to see how many views your posts have received. You can see where they work, their job titles and the area they are from.  
  • You can see similar data about your profile with “Profile Insights.” Find out who’s viewed your profile, post views, search appearances, and who’s engaging.  

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These tactics will all help to build your reputation with both prospective clients and candidates. Don’t be intimidated, there’s no need to implement them all at once today, but if you follow these best practices, your LinkedIn profile will become another great tool in your arsenal.  

Looking to build your brand and attract more candidates and clients? Contact Parqa today to learn how we can help you become a recruiter of choice.

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