5 Benefits to Using AI in the Recruiting Industry

December 13, 2018
By Karen Feder

One of the biggest ongoing challenges a recruiter faces is seeking out qualified talent day after day. Luckily, with the rise in technology, attracting top talent just got even easier. How? The answer is artificial intelligence. AI is rapidly becoming more commonly used by recruiting firms, as it makes their job more efficient and less stressful.  

So, what are the benefits of using AI in the Recruiting Industry? Continue reading to find out.    

Time Saver 

Time management is crucial in the life of a recruiter. The last thing a recruiter needs is to spend extra time on tedious tasks such as scheduling interviews, screening applicants, and ensuring the needs of your team members are met. Fortunately, AI reduces the time spent during the hiring process. 

It takes a great deal of time to go through hundreds of job applications. Using automated assistants or chatbots can help the application process move a lot faster and reduce the time it takes to identify top candidates.  

In addition, it can be exhausting to post a new job posting repeatedly. Thankfully, AI is aiming to incorporate a virtual assistant as the first line of contact during the application process to build a trail of interaction and information with the applicant. That way a recruiter doesn’t have to start from scratch every time and lose valuable time.  

Highest Quality Talent 

There’s no question that using AI can help attract the highest quality candidates. According to a survey, nearly 63% of HR professionals say AI has changed the way recruiting is done within their organization. AI formulates concise and accurate job descriptions to represent exactly what you’re seeking in applicants.  

Using automated processes to source candidates can impact the recruiter’s efforts by scouring the Internet for talented candidates, while the recruiter focuses in on other important tasks.  

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Increased Diversity  

Implementing AI into your application screening process will help eliminate any potential bias you may have. Ultimately, boosting the diversity of your talent pool. Having a diverse workplace can improve the overall growth of your organization.  

Improved Candidate Experience 

Surprisingly, AI can give your candidates a better experience during the hiring process. How is this possible with minimal human interaction? AI tools are designed to quickly provide answers and responses to candidates to maintain a business relationship.  

AI keeps candidates in the loop throughout the entire hiring process. Chatbots have been successful in creating positive experiences for candidates by continuously providing information and answers to maintain open communication so they never feel they’re being ignored.  

AI doesn’t only improve candidates’ experience either. It improves your team’s experience internally as well, boosting the growth of your organization.  


As you know, the process of hiring a new employee is costly. And you’re probably thinking that implementing AI will be even more expensive. Even though AI comes with additional costs, it will positively impact your ROI in the long run. Hiring the most qualified talent will reduce turnover and save money on the expenses surrounding adding new talent.  

In the end, AI is advancing several industries worldwide, including the recruiting industry. If you haven’t incorporated AI into your business practices yet, I highly recommend doing so, as there are several benefits. 

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