3 Ways Marketing Automation Will Help Your Staffing Firm

May 30, 2019
By Karen Feder

Marketing is tough. It takes time, energy, and most of all, resources. With only 24 hours in a day, there’s only so much one can do within that time. It’s time to put technology to work and save time, reach new goals, and become more efficient at being in front of and top of mind for candidates and clients alike. 

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1. Recruiter Efficiency 

While recruiters are working day and night to find the right candidate, it’s extremely difficult to stay on top of and check-in with current consultants that are in the field.  

This leads to a catch 22 situation. 

The opportunity to redeploy these consultants becomes an issue if the recruiter doesn’t have consistent touch points with communication.  

Automation enables recruiters to set create an email campaign that runs on a preset schedule. While the recruiter doesn’t spend time executing the email communication, it allows consultants to have a touch-point. Any and all responses to the email campaign land right in the recruiter’s inbox.  

This automation enables recruiters to be more efficient and spend less time sending emails, increasing productivity and helping run a leaner, more profitable business. 

Within three months of implementing automation at Versique, two new candidates were deployed via a referral program that came to their attention via the email campaign. 

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2. Candidate Nurturing 

While candidates might be working for another firm, their contact info remains in your database. Creating an automated touch-point that takes no time or resources from your team but keeps your agency in front of them and top of mind, is key to nurturing the long-term relationship.  

When the time comes for that candidate to make a change, or the right position comes along, being top of mind and in front of that candidate is essential. Automation allows this to happen with little time commitment from recruiters. 

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3. Client Nurturing 

Like the weather, nurturing has seasons. If recruiters utilize automation and email campaign throughout the year, they’ll be top of mind when the busy time of year for your business comes around. 

Sometimes it can take up to two years to close a new client. As candidates make their way through the marketing funnel; awareness, consideration, and decision, it’s imperative to stay visible and in the hunt. Email marketing automation provides this ability with little to no impact on recruiter’s valuable time. 

In order to nurture clients and candidates, it’s also important to consistently create and push new content that is relevant, informative, and interesting. These can include but are not limited to white papers, blogs, case studies, and sell sheets. 

Marketing automation allows recruiters to save time, stay in front of and top of mind for candidates, all while keeping the iron in the fire and hot when the right time, and opportunity, comes along. Leverage your network and content with marketing automation to connect with passive and active candidates. 

Ready to get started with marketing automation? Get in contact with our team today for a free consultation. 

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