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At its heart, Parqa is a dynamic group of digital marketing experts that love a challenge. From our beginning we’ve assembled a team that lives and breathes digital marketing. We stay on top of the latest practices and tools to act as expert consultants to our clients while creating impactful solutions. Overall, Parqa is a collection of curious people always asking ourselves, “How can we improve?” Every member of our team has a voice, and we encourage thinking outside the box and exploring new ideas.

Parqa Culture

Our team is a tight-knit group who, above all, don’t take ourselves too seriously. Each member is ready to jump in and fully support a new idea to see it through to success or to learn when they fall short. Energetic is an understatement. Whether we’re buckled down to hit a deadline, taking time to let loose and have fun, or working in the community, we bring our full energy every day. Parqa thrives because it’s built on a team of driven, passionate, learners. We find the best solution to every challenge, making each project a win for us and for our clients.

  • Winning through service & trust
  • Results driven
  • Continuous improvement
  • Community engagement

Our clients know their businesses better than anyone. They pour their passion into their company, feeding its success and future growth. We share the same passion for growth and improvement. Each new client we work with sparks our curiosity, driving us to learn everything there is to know about their industry, their goals, and the challenges they face. Our goal is to build collaborative partnerships to fuel our clients’ long-term growth. We love what we do, and we love having a positive impact on the success of our clients and the community around us.

Parqa Partner

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The first place companies will go to research your firm is your website. Make sure your site nails the first impression.

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Website Design

With dynamic, engaging content, your firm will attract the talent your clients are searching for.

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Online Visibility

Create content that sticks out from the competition and is optimized for SEO.

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Content Marketing

Improve how you communicate with your leads and existing clients.

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Email Marketing

You can’t grow your staffing or recruiting firm without new business.

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Lead Generation

Prospects are finding their partners on Google. Ensure your firm is there waiting for them.

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Search Engine Optimization

Provide your leads with an informed and positive experience.

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Marketing Automation

Transform your social media profiles into credible extensions of your sales and marketing efforts.

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“Working with Parqa has been great. The team is dedicated and passionate about partnering with us and helping us grow. We needed a right-sized agency, that knew our industry, and could work independently to help our business grow, for us Parqa was a perfect fit.”



Leading ATS Platform

“This looks FANTASTIC!  We are so impressed with the work that is being done.  Thank you!”

“Thanks so much!!  We are so impressed with your work thus far and really appreciate the partnership and your attention to detail.”


Tech Search Firm

"We are already starting to see Parqa’s work results in progress!!! Which is why we are so very excited to keep everything moving along.  We certainly don’t want people being driven to a site that is only mediocre at best.  We need to make a good first impression.  Looking forward to more successes, we have been very impressed with the website work thus far."

Project Coordinator

Consulting Firm

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We’re proud of our industry partnerships. Some of the associations and organizations we partner with include:

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TechServe Alliance logo
EMInfo logo
NYSA logo
The Pinnacle Society logo
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From increasing your online visibility to driving lead generation, Parqa can deliver your staffing firm marketing results. Give us a call a today and schedule a free discovery consultation. The consultation will cover:

  • An analysis of your website and social profiles
  • Suggestions for how we would improve your digital marketing
  • Next steps for partnering with Parqa Marketing