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3 Ways to Succeed with Candidate-Focused Marketing

Recently, Parqa presented and hosted booths at the Naps and TechServe Alliance annual conferences. It was enlightening for me to hear the pain points of two aligned but very different industries, recruiting versus staffing, and the everyday struggles that digital marketing can help to mitigate.   Most people are aware of the historically low national unemployment rates we are currently seeing. Unemployment this low means the qualified candidate pool is only going to become more limited. What I took away from both conferences was the opportunity for staffing and recruiting firms to look at how they position themselves to candidates through digital marketing to grow revenue.  Right now, some of you are saying, “Clients pay the bills, not the candidates! I would never invest in them!” But wait and hear me out.   In a candidate driven market as we have right now, the
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5 Ways To Recruit Millennial Talent Using Instagram

Sometimes, reaching the highest level of millennial talent can be difficult for recruiters. The good news is that social media has made things a little bit easier. Nearly 88% of people aged 18 to 29 indicated using any form of social media, according to Pew Research Center Study conducted in early 2018.  Businesses aren’t using Instagram as an active recruitment tool, that’s what LinkedIn is for. Companies rely on Instagram as a platform to showcase their brand. Recruiters can utilize Instagram in several ways to broadcast their brand to their target audiences, especially younger generations, like millennials.   Here are five ways you can give your brand the boost it needs to reach top millennial talent using Instagram.  
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