Are You Sharing Your Niche Industry Insights With Future Clients and Candidates?

April 2, 2018
By Kelli Schutrop

When you’re a staffing firm business owner or executive recruiter, you have gained an indescribable amount of knowledge in your area of expertise. You might think of your area of expertise as “recruiting,” but if you’re a specialized recruiting firm, or run a specialized desk, your expertise goes far beyond the realm of recruiting, and into that of whatever industry you recruit within. If you’re a life sciences recruiter, you know more about life sciences than most simply because you spend all day talking to companies seeking talent and candidates within the life sciences industry.

Here’s an example. One of Versique’s recruiters specializes in demand generation recruiting…it’s a highly specialized form of digital marketing, and because he’s constantly having conversations with people in this space, he’s become a subject matter expert in his arena. So what does this provide him with? It gives him the ability to have insightful and beneficial conversations with his clients and candidates…and also those he wants to have as clients and candidates.

I challenge you to think about what areas you are a subject matter expert within.

Literally, take 10 seconds right now and think through the different topics you could speak intelligently about that would hold the interest of your future clients and candidates. Now, what can you do with that knowledge that will attract qualified client (and candidate) conversations to you?

Blog. Post it to your website. Post it to your social media (yes, even if you only use Linkedin—that’s one of the best platforms to attract business clients). Send an email out to people you want to do business with in the future.

There are all sorts of fancy ways to do all of this, too—from content calendars to social media scheduling…but that takes time, and you don’t have time. So then what? Do you put the idea away, chalk it up as something you’ll do when you have more time?

Just start somewhere.

It doesn’t have to be epic. It doesn’t have to have a set process. It just needs to be relevant, and it just needs to reach your audience. Thankfully you’re in the business of selling—selling great companies to top candidates, and selling top candidates to great companies. Now it’s time to sell YOU. Just start with an idea…

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